FLORIDA Sport Fishing

Listen in as Capt. Mike Genoun takes a few minutes between producing Florida Sport Fishing TV and publishing Florida Sport Fishing magazine to share his perspective on Mercury Marine’s extremely popular 350 Verado outboards.
Mike loves mercury
No matter how much you love to fish, nothing seems more inviting after a long, successful day on the water than a soft bed. But Capt. Mike Genoun and his crew, who produce Florida Sport Fishing TV and publish Florida Sport Fishing magazine, are just getting started when everyone else has docked their boat, cleaned their catch and headed for home. Capturing spectacular video of powerful gamefish or creating insightful stories and imagery on how to succeed with rod in hand, is incredibly reliant on the boat and engine that get you to the fish. And when Capt. Mike is on the water, Mercury is his power of choice.
“Between publishing Florida Sport Fishing Magazine and hosting & producing Florida Sport Fishing TV, my time on the water is extremely valuable. To keep the wheels turning with so many moving parts, it is absolutely vital that our outboard engines perform flawlessly, which is exactly why I count on Mercury Verado. For me, Mercury is the only choice!”

-Mike Genoun


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